Casina Rossa Sauces
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sofi™ Gold Award: Outstanding Pasta Sauce

Made in small batches in Abruzzo, Italy with simple, clean ingredients - the way food should be.

Sugo al Pomodoro di Abruzzo
Classic Abruzzo ‘red sauce.’ Made from fresh tomatoes, oregano, garden vegetables, and EVOO. Suggested for roasted meats and all types of pastas.

Sugo al Pomodoro Puttanesca
Sweet and savory version of a regional favorite. Suggested for use with bucatini or pannocchie pasta.
Sugo al Tartufo
Rich flavor of truffle, garlic, and mushroom without an overpowering aroma. The perfect addition to Ciacco Tagliolini, or with Fior di Maiella White Polenta with Truffle and Porcini. A truly home made Italian Pasta Sauce.
Sugo alla Vodka
dash of vodka and cream in a fresh tomato, vegetable, and basil base achieve perfect harmony in this classic pasta sauce. Serve with Umbricelli, or if you're feeling whimsical, Monnezza "Odds and Ends" pasta.