Brie Fermier Jouvence - Eat More Cheese
  • Brie Fermier Jouvence - Eat More Cheese
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Bloomy Rind (Brie) - Cow's Milk - Île-de-France, France

One of the only farmstead brie cheeses from France.  Whereas typical brie is made in a collective manner, with the milk from many dairies shipped to a single producer, farmstead cheeses are made on the same farm the milk comes from-  This allows them to better control the cheesemaking process and express a sense of terroir.

Brie Fermier Jouvence is rich and full flavored- nothing like the supermarket variety.  When ripe, expect a consistently creamy texture with only a slightly firmer center, and earthy, vegetal flavors of roasted asparagus and buttery mushrooms.

     Wine Pairing: Delicate reds like Pinot Noir from Burgundy or Oregon, or fuller bodied whites like oaked Chardonnay (try a nice Sancerre)