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Crunchy bits!

Have you ever wondered what the crunchy bits are in cheese? You’re not alone; it’s probably the most common question we get in our shop.

There are actually two types of “crunch” found in cheese - calcium lactate and calcified Tyrosine.  

Calcium lactate is usually found on the exterior of cheeses, especially aged block cheddars.  Calcium lactate is formed by the reaction of lactic acid (naturally occuring in cheese) on calcium carbonate (used to help set the curd in some cheeses).

Calcium lactate on the surface of an aged...

Cheese Storage 101

One of the most common questions we get is “How should I store my cheese?”.  Well, that’s a great question, and a very important one!

Specialty cheese is an expensive and precious food and should be handled with care just like good wine or any other quality consumable.

Different cheese styles, types & ages require different care, but a safe bet is to use cheese paper.  

At Eat More Cheese, all of the cheese you buy from us will come wrapped in cheese paper, with a few exceptions (usually prepackaged...